apple ipod 4 on sale, why should you buy it

If you find the new Apple iPod 4 on sale, here are some reasons why should you buy Apple iPod 4 32 GP Touch. It is the 4th generation of this popular technical genie.
This article will explore a few of the most popular features the new technical wonder.
The design, The processor speed The built in scanner The cameras.
Apple is known for good quality and high prices. To find the NEW Apple iPod 4 on sale is not that easy. If you scroll down I have put in a link for you. Click on that and it will take you to a reliable source on-line where you can get your hands on this new jewel.
The new design
The iPod4 is the thinnest most elegant iPod touch ever built. It is so thin only 7,2 mm (0.3 inches) with a flat bottom, that wont wobble when it is placed on a flat surface that is a big advantage compared to older models.
The Screen
The Retina screen is outstanding. 3.5 inches wide and has an engineered-glass front and a stainless steel back. You will notice that the screen is very sharp and contrast rich, that makes pictures and text easy and enjoyable to look at. And it will not tires your eyes either.
The Apple I pod 4 chip or processor is designed by Apple to deliver a lightning fast speed to you. When surfing the Internet waiting for home pages, data, pictures, videos, to download, it is a hassle if it is not faster than fast. Speed is was this processor delivers. This chip is the brain behind all the multitask things the new iPod 4 can do. It is an unbelievable power efficient processor.
The built in scanner
A fiend of mine is a car dealer. He buys cars at car whole sale auctions around the US. When he finds a vehicle he eventually want to buy, He is scanning the bar code of the car and immediately gets information how much he should pay for the car or where he can find a another, similar brand to a lower price. The same technique can be used by your wife or girlfriend when they are out shopping for clothes shoes etc. Just scan the bar code and all relevant information about a similar and cheaper product as at their fingertips.